The Town of Peru playground located behind the Town Office is closed pending repairs.  Please help us keep our children safe by keeping them off the wooden structure.  The swings have either been removed or secured to prevent use.  State of Maine playground safety guidelines require anchoring devices below grade level.  The entire playground area within the railroad ties must be resurfaced.  Grass and hard packed ground are not safe surfaces.  Surfaces should be at least 12 inches deep and consist of sand, cedar or hardwood chips, mulch or rubber chips or mats. Much work needs to be done before new surface material can be brought in.  New swings must be purchased.  Penetrating oil sealant or stain is needed to treat the wooden structure. Equipment must be free of rust.   The retaining walls must be highly visible. And, there other equipment and upkeep requirements that must be addressed before the playground can be reopened.

The Board of Select-persons is seeking donated materials and hands-on volunteers to repair and maintain the playground.  A Playground Revitalization Committee is being formed.  Please call the town office and leave your name and telephone number if you can help.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The Board of Select-persons

Residents with Pets

Citizens with pets, please be aware residents will be out walking getting exercise and fresh air, if you have furry members please make sure they are not out running lose,  some people are scared and/or allergic, some complaints have been made,  some pets may be excited and jump on or will bark at walkers/joggers, some have reported they’ve been bitten.  So please, make sure your furry family members are secure on your property or in your homes.


Thank You All in Advance!!